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Brenda Bufalino's
Tapping The Source

In Tapping the Source, Brenda Bufalino explores the recent history of tap dance and shares stories about her early training and professional career experiences, as well as the wisdom gleaned from her mentor, partner and collaborator, the late Charles 'Honi' Coles. 

As a master teacher and biographical performer known for her fluid musicality and extensive vocabulary, Ms. Bufalino's stories, techniques and philosophy will inspire and encourage everyone to find the timber and rhythm of their voice, whether in tap shoes or hiking boots, on the piano or the typewriter, on a mountain trail or on the floor boards.

“With “Tapping The Source,” Brenda Bufalino has given us a brilliantly titled and generously written professional memoir….Brenda is an artist with a capital A. As a being she transcends her chosen forms.  Her book will be purchased by dancers, but it’s a book for artists, so if you are on the path, “Tapping The Source…” is a useful map.

         - Amazon review, by Richard Wells

Brenda Bufalino's
Song of the Split Elm

Penobscot reservation on Indian Island in 1853... "Madeline was born singing. She sang melodies like chants, like forecasts, like conversations with flowers and birds." While her mother Hannah was comforted by Madeline's sonorous melodies, her father, Jeremiah, a Calvinist preacher lived in fear of his daughter's unique voice and spirit. As hard as he tried, he could not contain her.  

 “In addition to being a captivating transgenerational saga, “Song of the Split Elm,” also grapples with issues that we continue to contend with, such as women’s rights, artistic freedom, and the reverent, symbiotic way that indigenous peoples relate to the earth, as opposed to the  destructive, proprietary way of the dominant culture.  The characters are fully alive on the page, their stories engaging and the writing at times intensely lyrical.  “The scarlet tanagers sang melodies at dusk that inspired the wooden reed players to delicious trills and arpeggios, lilting, then soaring, until only the chill of the night sent the musicians back to the hearth of their wigwams.”

         - Mikhail Horowitz, Performance poet, social commentator and author

Brenda Bufalino's
Circular Migrations

Brenda Bufalino is a mixed genre artist; choreographer and tap dancer, a dancer who sings, tells stories, writes books, works clay into shapes that dance, and paints pictures. She has performed as a guest soloist at Town Hall, Alice Tully Hall, Carnegie Hall in New York City and The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., as well as in major concert halls through out America, Europe, Australia, and Israel. 

An artistic director/choreographer of The American Tap Dance Orchestra she toured America and Europe with her company, and appeared at The Joyce Theatre, and on PBS "Great Performances.....Tap Dance in America with Gregory Hines."

Ms. Bufalino is an eloquent writer, and many of the best moments in her new "Gertrude's Nose" grew from her evocative nature poetry."

         - "New York Times", by Jennifer Dunning.

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